Roaming, Plug&Charge, e-mobility: Gireve’s year 2023 in Review

Towards a global e-mobility rollout

400,000 charging points on our roaming platform!

In 2023, we kept on connecting networks from all around the globe to develop roaming globally and improve the experience of EV drivers. We joined national, European and Global working groups to foster interoperability of e-mobility players and standardisation, while preparing the global upscale of the ecosystem.

Test your Plug & Charge solution on our testing platform. Access our PKI V2G and certificate exchange pool services.

New Plug & Charge features unlocked

We launched a testing platform accessible for all our clients willing to offer Plug & Charge services. We also published our PNCP protocol on September. Read our CTO’s interview to learn more!

NAP services and charging network audit

European regulations EVSE owners to publish infastructure data on the National Access Point (NAP). That’s why we launched the NAP service to assist them in publishing their static data, and their dynamic data with availability status.

We developed another offer to help network owners improve their service: a quality sheet that gathers quantitative and qualitative elements of a publicly accessible charging point network, providing them with insights and main axis of development.

With our NAP data publication service, infrastructure owners can simplify their operations to comply with the european regulations.
Image of a Tesla supercharger

Key partnerships for global roaming development

We are very proud to have signed great partnerships this year. Major network operators have trusted us with handling their roaming services, among which the global player Tesla, the ultra fast network Fastned, the parking operator Amano, and many more.

Thank you for following us, reading us and trusting us!

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