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Gireve’s Product Sheet: our Network Quality Evaluation services

To help charging network operators get more insights on how to improve the quality of their offer, we partnered with the consulting agency Mobileese and developed a quality sheet. 

The first network benefitting from our offer is Driveco, a major player in electric mobility in France.

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What you will find in our Quality Evaluation product sheet

Until now, operators willing to assess the quality of their charging networks would base on individual experiences, which are key but isolated. With this in mind, Mobileese and Gireve have combined their expertise to develop a new tool that allows operators to get a more objective vision at the market level. Evolutive and innovative, this tool is presented in the form of a quality report. This report aims to provide the operator with an objective view of the state of its service. Indeed, this report provides an overview of both quantitative and qualitative features of a charging network.

Sample of Gireve and Mobileese quality report for Driveco

A sample of the quality report created for Driveco

Quantitative indicators

Part of the report displays a general overview of the charging network as the availability rate and the number of failed charging sessions, the obsolescence rate and the age of the charging points, etc. 

Qualitative indicators

To complete the quantitative analysis, the report includes an analysis of the usage function of charging points. It also contains an analysis of the recurrent defects observed in the charging points’ brand. Additionally, a list of targeted recommendations based on the station fleet in the territory is provided.

This quality report allows charging network operators and their contractors to improve the quality of their charging services for EV users.

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