Electromobility at the heart of your real estate strategy with Gireve

Gireve's Electromobility Solutions for Private Developers

Let's develop a strategy that innovatively merges sustainable development with economic prosperity

Offering charging solutions is becoming a key asset to keep pace with the massive electrification of mobility. Position yourself as a change-maker with our tailor-made solutions.

As electromobility thrives, private developers face unique challenges. Whether you are a leisure center aiming to attract eco-conscious customers, a cinema looking to provide an additional service during screenings, a fleet manager seeking to optimize the use of your electric vehicles, a restaurant or a hotel wanting to strengthen your brand image while diversifying your services, the importance of equipping yourself with charging infrastructure is undeniable. At Gireve, we foster a symbiosis between the optimal use of land and the development of the electric vehicle charging ecosystem. With our unique database and expertise in the field, we support you in co-creating an EV charging infrastructure management strategy that meets your unique needs and strengthens your position in the market.

Discover how Gireve can transform your space into an electromobility hub, increasing your attractiveness, reinforcing your commitment to the environment, and generating additional revenue.

Our services for private developers

Connection to our technical platform, access to the marketplace for European operators, clearing services

From the development of your EV charging infrastructure deployment strategy to the definition of your pricing structure

Market positioning

Development of management scenarios tailored to your needs, and precise benchmarking for informed decision-making

Market knowledge

Customized market barometer and in-depth EV charging market studies to position you in the market and keep track of its developments

Training and technical expertise

Fundamentals of electromobility, regulatory knowledge, and technological monitoring


Interoperability, an opportunity for your business?

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Foot traffic

Equipping with charging infrastructure can attract a new customer base

Service diversification

Entering the electromobility market, a new economic opportunity

Brand image

Strengthen your brand image as an environmentally conscious company adopting innovative services

Regulatory compliance

Adhere to national and European regulations

You are a private developer, start today!

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