With Gireve's Compliance services, you can easily publish your charging station data as open data.

How to Publish Your Charging Points on the NAP with Emmanuel Leprat from Gireve

Gireve has just launched its Compliance offer to help operators publish their charging point data. Indeed, in France it is now mandatory to publish data on the national access point. Emmanuel Leprat, Data Director at Gireve, explains this new service.

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Publishing Data on Charging Infrastructure: A National and European Obligation

For over 10 years, the European Union has called for reducing the transport sector’s dependence on oil. This is reflected, in particular, by the development of a sustainable infrastructure deployment strategy. Part of this strategy focuses on accessibility of information for users. Member States now have to make data on charging points accessible.

Indeed, according to the 2014 European directive, Member States must ensure that “data indicating the geographical location of charging points […] is accessible on an open and non-discriminatory basis to all users. [These data] may include information on their real-time accessibility as well as historical and real-time information on charging.”

This directive was a significant first step in publishing data on charging infrastructure.

Emmanuel Leprat

In France, operators publish their data on the NAP

Emmanuel Leprat a rejoint Gireve en 2022 pour développer les services de data
Emmanuel Leprat joined Gireve in 2022 to develop data services.

The various Member States have set up national access points following the European directive. France has made this a reality with a decree on publishing data on transport.data.gouv.fr. It thus defines the conditions for the development of the PAN (National Access Point), an open database accessible to all users and making data on charging infrastructure, among other data, accessible.

With transport.data.gouv.fr, the Ministry of Transportation promotes the development of innovative, high-impact digital services. Facilitating access to data prepares the development of “Mobility as a Service” type applications, as outlined in Article 28 of the Mobility Orientation Act, which comes into effect on July 1, 2021.

  • 2014: Directive 2014/94/EU: Need for data on charging infrastructure to be made available – Link
  • 2016: Delegated Regulation (EU) 2017/1926: Establishment of a PAN for each Member State to enable access to static and dynamic data – Link
  • 2019: In France, publication of the LOM Law. Article 25 provides for the opening of static and dynamic data related to electric vehicle charging infrastructure – Link (in French)
  • 2021: Decree No. 2021-546 in its articles 13 and 14 specifies the data openness procedures. Publication as open data on transport.data.gouv.fr; legal responsibility rests with the planner; data formats specified by order (for static: order of May 4, 2021) – Link (in French)

How to publish your data on the National Access Point?

Operators must provide several sets of data on their charging infrastructure. They must also make it available in compliance with the current static and dynamic data models.

Posting static and dynamic data

Static data refers to the geographical location of the stations and the technical characteristics of the charging points. Dynamic data is the operating status and availability of the charging points and their connectors.

Regarding the “dynamic data” aspect, with the 2021 decree, operators must publish the status of the infrastructure to inform of its unavailability. This can be done on the network website or through an interoperability platform.

Gireve partners with the French authorities to support operators and reinforce the transport.data.gouv.fr portal. The platform has established a connection that allows operators willing to do so to publish data in accordance with the official schemas in force.

Emmanuel Leprat explains: “To make the data available in the expected format, operators must convert the data to make it compatible with the official schemes and set up data availability. Gireve’s mission is to be a facilitator within the electromobility ecosystem. In this sense, we offer to take care of formatting and transmitting the data to avoid additional costs. Most operators are already connected with us, so the configuration is easy to do.

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