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Acteur public local ou entreprise internationale, Gireve vous propose une série de formations pour comprendre l’écosystème de la mobilité électrique et faire monter en compétences vos équipes.

Understand the market to define your strategy

Electric mobility is evolving and the market is getting more complex. If you want to define a development strategy and follow up your activities, your teams need to have a good understanding of the field and its specifications.

Whether you are a local public player or an international company, Gireve can help you understand the ecosystem of e-mobility and improve the skills of your teams.

Our training courses

E-mobility principles

Understand the basics of e-mobility, develop your EV charging knowledge

Market Entry

Understand the basics of e-mobility, develop your EV charging knowledge

Discover roaming

Identify players and roaming chain of value, position on the market

Plug and Charge

Become a key player for Plug and Charge implementation

Define your tariff

Discover the different charging session tariffs, the legal requirements and get an overview of the current market situation

E-mobility subventions

Discover the subventions for e-mobility, steps to follow, application deadlines

Advenir​ subventions

Understand how to report your data through Advenir API or send data via Gireve

OCPI protocol

Understand the basics of OCPI and master the modules of the protocol

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