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Local authorities, syndicates, cities, town halls, and communities: facilitate electric mobility by meeting the needs of your users

Numerous territories are facing the growing complexity of the energy transition and the necessity of deploying efficient, accessible, and sustainable Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE). At Gireve, we understand these challenges: that’s why we’ve established direct relationships with each stakeholder in the ecosystem, ensuring real-time exchanges to anticipate the mobility of tomorrow. Our approach combines our technical expertise and our comprehensive and qualified database to transform the vision of green mobility into a concrete and tangible reality for each territory. With more than 10 years of experience, we guide local authorities at every step, from initial strategy to final implementation. By collaborating with us, they can develop and deploy effective EVSE strategies, thus renewing their commitment to accessible green mobility for all.


Interoperability, an opportunity for your business?

Webinar #3 Is roaming an opportunity for public and private owners?
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Open charging services: the role of public authorities

Download Gireve's position paper on public charging

Our services for public authorities

Connection to our technical platform, access to the marketplace for European operators, clearing services

Report of data consumption, connection to our platform for interoperability, custom training

Personalized support

From drafting calls for proposals to improving your processes

Territorial strategy

Development of Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Master Plans (EVIMPs) and defining your market positioning

Targeted training

Fundamentals of electromobility, regulatory knowledge, and technological monitoring

Proven expertise

Benefit from more than 10 years of experience in the aggregation, transformation, and enrichment of data related to electromobility

Custom solutions

Services tailored to your specific needs, for an efficient and sustainable electromobility strategy

High quality data

A complete and qualified database, allowing precise and relevant analyses to guide your strategy and optimize the deployment of EVSE

You are a local authority, start today!

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