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nouvelles mobilités: la recharge électrique

EV charging roaming, contractualisation, billing between partners

Today, hundreds of heterogeneous networks are developing across Europe. There are two options for EV drivers to access charging anywhere, anytime: using a credit card or subscribe to the charging network. Learn more in our position paper. To unlock access for all EV drivers, services providers and charging network operators need to cooperate by signing contracts and exchanging real time. These operations generate heavy costs.

To simplify operations and contractualisation between players, Gireve offers a single technical connection, an access to the online marketplace that operates thousands of B2B contracts for e-mobility and a day-to-day operational support. 

Thanks to Gireve, operators can provide EV drivers with seamless and high-quality services on all charging networks across Europe.

Our services

Billing and invoicing

Automatic billing of charging sessions, invoice generation

Support and training

Online support and team follow-up to optimise the use of our platforms


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Why choose Gireve?

Platform reliability

Our experts ensure maximal availability of our platform with ambitious SLA to offer the end user a smooth experience.

The largest network in Europe

Gireve's platform is the intermediation leader on the European market, gathering the highest number of charging points connected.

Enriched experience

With Gireve, EV drivers can still benefit from the additional services of their operator, no matter the charging station.

Trusted third party

Gireve centralises the history of charging sessions and makes automatic calculation to help solve invoicing disputes.

Start roaming today!

CPO: open your networks and get return on your infrastructure investments

You are a Charging Point Operator, in charge of physical charging points monitoring and maintenance, you define the network access conditions, you sign roaming agreements with eMSP and you take care of the management and invoicing for direct and roaming situations.

With Gireve, you can increase traffic on your charging points and get quicker ROI on your investments.

eMSP: access charging networks and improve your services

You are an e-Mobility Service Provider, sending and supplying multi-network charging solutions to your EV driver subscribers, you are in charge of customer relationship and invoicing management.

With Gireve, you can access the marketplace gathering all networks in Europe, you can sign your roaming agreements easily and give your subscribers the opportunity to access charging seamlessly everywhere.

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