Tesla joins Gireve's roaming platform to open its Superchargers to an eMSP partner in Europe

Tesla joins Gireve’s roaming platform to open its Superchargers to an eMSP partner in Europe

Paris, March 1stTesla has achieved full integration with Gireve’s roaming platform. The company is now able to publish roaming offers and sign a partnership with eMSP connected to the platform to provide them with access to its Superchargers.  

Following its decision to join Gireve’s roaming platform, Tesla is now fully integrated with Gireve to launch its roaming activities in Europe. By joining Gireve, Tesla provides the possibility to EV drivers of its roaming partner to access its Superchargers through signing roaming agreements on Gireve’s Connect Place.

Thanks to this integration, Chargemap is able to offer its users seamless access to Tesla’s Superchargers via its app. Read more: https://chargemap.com/tesla-superchargers

Gireve’s Connect Place has been designed to facilitate EV charging roaming in Europe and globally. This is thanks to its user-friendly interface and the constant and relentless customer support. This approach has helped Gireve win over the vast majority of CPOs and eMSPs in Europe in the past ten years. What’s more, through this new partnership, Gireve also demonstrates its robust IT infrastructure. It also proves its capacity to provide support of the highest standard to its clients across the charging industry.

“As we strive to promote interoperability and open networks, it is a key step for us to welcome Tesla on our platform. We will continue to focus our energy on providing top-notch customer service and sophisticated tools to facilitate roaming between partners to the largest extent.”

Eric Plaquet, CEO, Gireve   
Image of a Tesla supercharger

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