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Services Compliance Gireve pour la conformité avec le point d'accès national

Services for regulatory compliance

Since 2014, European regulation has made compulsory the open data publication of information describing publicly available charging infrastructure. These obligations were transposed into French law by the Mobility Orientation Act (LOM) in 2019.

Both static data related to the geographic location and technical characteristics of stations and charging points, and dynamic data concerning the good functioning and occupancy status need to be published by the operators.

For many players, producing this information in the format required by authorities and implementing and exploiting the connection with the French government’s digital platforms is a significant burden. This is why we offer a Compliance service to make the process easier.

Ensure your compliance today!

As a leading digital platform for EV roaming in Europe, Gireve is already connected with most of the players in the EV charging ecosystem and, as such, already collects all the data necessary to comply with the regulations.

Upon request from the French authorities to assist operators and strengthen the portal, Gireve has set up a connection allowing operators to publish their data in accordance with the official schemes in force.

All you have to do is subscribe to the Compliance service and let Gireve publish your infrastructure data for you.

Our services

French national access point

Publish the data of your infrastructure on the government NAP, the open data portal

Levels KPIs Service

Get an objective measurement of the service level of your infrastructure according to the current calculation rules

Data quality control

Trust the market leader to audit, correct, and complete your data

State of the art

Simplify the collection of the information needed for your guidelines or mobility plans

Understand the obligations for public network developers

What’s the National Access Point ? 

The National Access Point (PAN) is a centralized system that facilitates users’ mobility and promote intermodality by making travel information on all modes of transport available in open data.

This concerns data producers (local authorities, transport companies, etc.) and data reusers (developers, route calculation applications, information services, etc.). Users indirectly benefit from these travel information services.

How to benefit from Gireve's NAP compliance service

If you are already connected to Gireve’s roaming platform
  • We convert the information you provide us through the OCPI API to the PAN format
  • We publish the static and dynamic data of your charging points on data.gouv
If you are not yet connected 

Join us to benefit from the first European platform for electric vehicle roaming in Europe.

Why choose Gireve ?

A renown partner

For 10 years, Gireve has been referencing charging points and connecting players to simplify charging

Technical simplicity

No specific connection or modification needed, it is enough to subscribe to the offer to benefit from the service

A simple and readable commercial offer

The publication service on the national access point is an annual subscription. The amount depends on the number of published charging points.

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