New partnership for e-mobility with Mer Germany integrating Gireve's roaming platform

Mer Germany chooses Gireve for a more seamless charging across Europe for fleet customers

European charging company Mer Germany joined the e-mobility platform Gireve. With this collaboration, the operator will extend the coverage of its charging application through partnerships with charging networks across Europe.

Up to 470,000 charging points in Europe for Mer Germany fleet subscribers

Currently offering more than 350,000 charging points from its own network and its roaming partners, the operator will be able to increase its coverage for fleet customers to more than 470,000 charging points in Europe and is already about to expand this number even further.

Gireve’s cutting-edge IT solutions facilitate streamlined clearing operations and technical exchanges, enhancing the reliability and performance of Mer Germany’s charging services. By leveraging Gireve’s robust infrastructure, Mer Germany offers customers improved service when checking real time availability and access charging across Europe.

I’m very happy to collaborate with Mer Germany to go towards greener and cleaner transportation in Europe. Mer’s team is responsive, proactive, and consistently demonstrating a strong commitment to offering their customers superior service. 

Felix Muhl, Business Development Manager, Gireve

The partnership with Gireve enables us to excessively enlarge the number of publicly available charging points. Beside already offering our fleet customers a great solution for charging at home and at work, we now also further improve their charging experience on-the-go, especially in travel destinations like France and Benelux.

Michael Scherer, Marketing Manager, Mer Germany

About Mer Germany GmbH

Mer is a European EV charging company owned by Statkraft, Europe’s largest producer of renewable energy. Through our extensive experience within renewable energy and electric mobility, we are combining the best of both worlds to power the European shift towards a purer way of transportation. We are active in Norway, Sweden, UK, Germany and Austria.

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