Gireve partners with French authorities to enhance open data accessibility of electric charging data for operators

Gireve helps operators publish their data on the French national access point

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Gireve now offers a new service in partnership with the French authorities to foster the development of the National Access Point . This service supports operators and enhances accessibility of EV charging data. The company has set up a connection for operators. This connection enables them to publish their data in the right format.

In 2014, the European parliament adopted a directive for data accessibility. The directive aims at opening data regarding the geographic location of the charging points accessible to the public. In France, this was implemented through the Mobility orientation law in 2019.

The National Access Point aims at making travel information available on all digital supports thanks to open data. The objective is to simplify user journeys, foster intermodality and reduce the use of individual vehicles.

To create a national repository of EV charging data, infrastructure owners need to publish static and dynamic data, following a specific scheme.

  • Static data: location and features of charging stations and points
  • Dynamic data: working status and availability of charging points and connectors

For many players, producing this information in the format required by authorities and implementing and exploiting the connection with the French government’s digital platforms is a significant burden. This is why we offer a Compliance service to make the process easier.

We would like to thank the Ministry for trusting Gireve in the implementation of compliant data transmission. Thanks to our Compliance service, we make it easier to comply with European regulation and national decrees. This is one of our strongest missions at Gireve.

Emmanuel Leprat, Data Director

Press Contact : Marie Bonnefous | | 0033 1 84 73 22 57

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