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DaaS - Data as a Service

Discover our offer of Data as a Service (DaaS) for EV charging in Europe

The reference source for e-mobility data in Europe

Data management in mobility is a strategic issue. Knowing the characteristics of the infrastructure and the charging activities allows us to better assess the existing situation, understand the flows, anticipate behaviors, and thus improve the transport and service offer. This is why Gireve develops a DaaS (data as a service) offer based on its unique database of EV charging in Europe, to support e-mobility players.

Our DaaS services

iFrame Service

A custom map, intuitive to use and easy to deploy

Charge Spot Finder

The most relevant charging points on demand for all of your applications

API Service

Customized web services to integrate e-mobility data into your solutions

Flat file

The data you need in the format of your choice

Our database of charging points

Why choose Gireve's DaaS products ?

The data reference in Europe

Hundreds of e-mobility service providers use it to guide millions of EV users daily

Up-to-date information

Our databases are updated in real-time to ensure up-to-date information

Strict quality processes

Each data flow is automatically checked and any questionable case is handled by a dedicated team of e-mobility experts

Proven reliability

We process data daily for our roaming platform. Its quality is thus continuously improved by our team and validated by our clients.

Our partners

RESOURCE : Case study

EVSE Barometer in France

Baromètre AVERE DGEC Gireve

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