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services de conseil pour les opérateurs de réseaux de recharge et les acteurs publics

Our expert at the service of your mobility strategy

Whether you are a local public player or an international company, Gireve can help you understand the ecosystem of e-mobility and guide you in your installation plans, anywhere in Europe.

Training centers, private installator, public authority, consulting agencies, OEM, charging infrastructure operators, fleet manager: our consulting services help you improve your processes, and enrich your knowledge.

Our services

Our project support offers

Training, information, recommendations to accelerate your activity

Our value creation offers

Digitalisation and innovation to improve your performances

Our analysis and strategy offers

Barometers and studies to guide your strategic decisions

Why choose GIREVE?

A unique expertise

A pioneer on the market, Gireve has been aggregating data on EV charging for more than 10 years

Adapted to your needs

Our team is at your disposal to produce analyses that are scaled to fit your needs

At the heart of exchanges

Gireve is a member of several key organisations and is a reference on the market

Follow up of your projects

We support you through your project and build a team for a long-lasting result

Develop a sustainable ecosystem today!

Analysis and Strategy

Technical and technological watch
  • Periodic study of the evolution of the energy weight of e-mobility
  • Support and information
  • Recommendations for improvement of your performance
Market positioning
  • Partnerships, co-development
  • Positioning strategy and market entry
  • Market study
Report of usage and evolution of charging
  • Overview of charging point development and usage
  • Opportunity analysis and project implementation
  • Predictive analysis

Value creation

  • Usage optimisation
  • Implementation of good practice
  • Follow-up support
  • Need identification support
  • Recommendation of digital tools and solutions
  • Creation of tools adapted to your needs


Tender recommendation 
  • From recommendation report to decision making
  • Comparative analysis and offer evaluation
  • Assistance, redaction, study
Development of your activity
  • Analysis and feasibility study
  • Market positioning recommendation
  • Technical and operational development
Training, information, communication
Case study (anonymous)

EVSE deployment plan

Our client needed a full overview and an analysis on the current situation of EV market on his territory. We created a detailed report of the EV infrastructure location, evolution and usage. We also created action plans and scenarios to guide our client’s decision-making for the coming 5 to 10 years.
Case study - EDF

Pricing study in Europe

EDF - logo
EDF wanted to develop its eMSP business. They needed to understand how pricing is built for EV charging in Europe. Basing on our static and dynamic data, enriched with external data on B2C EV charging pricing, we made a detailed analysis of the situation in and out of Europe.
Case study (anonymous)

Support in the choice of a Backend Provider (CPO)

Our client needed to choose a backend provider who would be in charge of all his charging stations. Identifying his needs, we helped our client in his choice of a backend provider and we guided him throughout the contracting process.

Case study (anonymous)

Targeted predictive study

In order to refine the design of a predictive model, our client wanted to collaborate with Gireve’s team and use our dynamic data. Indeed, as a result of this collaboration, our client was able to train his predictive model and compare the results with real data during a defined period.

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