Plug and Charge Services

From the definition of your strategy to its deployment

A complete range of highly secured modular services

To simplify charging, avoid EV charging badge hassle, and secure transactions, Gireve developed the Plug and Charge solution. It will simplify the experience of all EV market players, guaranteeing them the highest level of security.

Gireve’s solution combines a 10-year experience as first European roaming network with the cybersecurity expertise of our technical expert Thalès.

Gireve supports you in the definition of your Plug and Charge strategy and helps you choose the technical features you need, from technical deployment to the definition of your trust area.


Our services

V2G root CA

Link your certificates back to Gireve’s root CA or one of the open players in the market (CharIn, SAE)

Trust Platform

IT services platform: PKI services based on Thales’ Trusted Key Manager expertise, pool management via PNCP protocol and the coming market standard

EV Charging

Management of authorisation processes for Plug and Charge sessions

Project management and expertise

Support for the definition of your strategy, expertise and project follow-up

Technical supervision and quality control

Support of Gireve’s technical team and monitoring tools for your operations

Roaming platform

Activation of Plug and Charge in a roaming context via eMIP and OCPI protocols

Why choose Gireve?

Diversity of Root CA

Integrate your certificates to Gireve's root CA or choose among open players of the market

Modular services

A complete ecosystem of solutions, you can choose services you need

IT systems compliance

Gireve's protocol takes into account most of all the new use cases: multiple V2G, multiple certificates, and it is REST-compatible.

Ease of use

Gireve helps you implement Plug and Charge today while keeping scenarios open for tomorrow

Deploy Plug and Charge today!

OEM: deploy Plug and Charge and keep the driver's freedom of choice

You are a car manufacturer, Gireve’s range of services enables you to deploy Plug and Charge with your partner eMSP, and to define a trust area that opens services for other eMSP by making your Provisioning Certificates available and by building your trust list of Root CA. You can implement contract certificates yourself or leave it to the CPO.

CPO: deploy Plug and Charge on your stations and define your trust area

You are a charging operator, you deploy compatible Plug and Charge stations and you have to generate and implement station certificates. You also have a role in eMSP contract certificate implementation and you can define players you trust.

With Gireve, you can get certificates that are linked to the V2G authority of your choice. You can define the list of root CA in your trust area. You access all contract certificates in Gireve’s network and you can choose your eMSP partners.

eMSP: open Plug and Charge for your clients

You are an e-mobility operator, you want to offer the Plug and Charge option to your clients no matter their vehicle brand. You want to be sure to choose a V2G root CA that most players recognise (OEM and CPO) to be sure your certificate will be implemented in the vehicle.
With Gireve, you can join the largest European roaming network. You can let Gireve handle all or part of your Plug and Charge activity, to fit your “make or buy” strategy and the speed of deployment you want.

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