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What is Plug and Charge and how can CPO and eMSP deploy this technology?

A use case of ISO-15118 standard

Plug and Charge is a technology that identifies the user by simply plugging the connector into the charging station, providing an easy access to charging. No need for a mobile application or RFID card, the charging station and the vehicle communicate directly via the power cable, and pass on all the necessary information to the interested parties, ensuring maximum security in terms of authentication (against identity theft) and data protection (against piracy) 

Plug and Charge is a use case of the ISO-15118 standard that guarantees high security exchanges between EVs and charging points.


Understanding Plug and Charge with Gireve

What is plug&charge? What are the implications for your business? How does it relate to ISO 15118?
Play Video about What is plug&charge? What are the implications for your business? How does it relate to ISO 15118?

Why 15-118 needs to be rooted in an open market

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Plug and Charge

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plug and charge: a new way of charging without any badge or app

How to deploy Plug and Charge?

For the OEM, the CPO and the eMSP, deploying Plug and Charge implies IT systems adjustments. It also requires some actions to prepare infrastructures and enable certificate exchange.

These steps, described in our webinar, are easy to process and implement thanks to Gireve’s TRUST ecosystem.

Is the technology compatible with roaming?

Plug and Charge improves the security of exchanges between the charging stations and EVs. With Plug and Charge, it is possible to authenticate the charging station, the user, the eMSP and the vehicle (from ISO 15-118-20 version). Roaming makes it possible to manage the authorisation of charging that comes after the authentication.

When should I deploy Plug and Charge?

The main market players are increasingly taking actions to prepare their infrastructures and make their products compliant with Plug and Charge: compatible EV and stations, certificate generation, connection to the TRUST ecosystem. Get in touch to join the movement.

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Gireve has developed training courses, from the basics to technical details of the topic. Our experts are also available to support your Plug and Charge projects.

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