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Gireve and Advenir

Since 2016, Gireve has been assisting operators in achieving interoperability and data report for the Advenir program. 

The Advenir program by Avere France is designed to support the installation of EV charging stations on the French territory.
With a 320 million euro budget, Advenir’s goal is to offer subventions for the installation of 125,000 charging points before the end of 2025. Eligible projects are very diverse, from charging points in collective buildings to street charging open to the public. Advenir offers 10 different types of subventions.


interoperability certificates created


CPO operations using Gireve for data consumption report to Advenir

+15 000

charging points installed with Gireve through the Advenir program

Our services

Report of data consumption

Send Gireve your charging points ID to enable data sending to Advenir

Interoperability certificates

Create a free account on Gireve’s market place to open your network to e-mobility operators

Technical support

Within an hour, set up your IT systems for data sending via Gireve or via your own systems

Understand interoperability and data report

Why is it mandatory to report data?

One of the Advenir program’s goal is to prove that the development of the electric vehicle market efficiently contributes to the energy transition. The program must therefore measure the real impact of electric vehicle charging on carbon emissions and on the electricity distribution network. To this end, the Advenir program systematically collects charging infrastructure data.

Gireve offers data sending services to charging operators connected to its platform for free. With this service, operators comply with the “charging data collection” requirement.

Why is interoperability required?

Interoperability means that two different systems can communicate together. An interoperable charging station guarantees non-discriminatory conditions of access and payment and enables roaming. For the subscriber of an emobility service provider, roaming offers the possibility of charging at all charging points when traveling and being billed only once for all transactions. You can read more on roaming of EV Charging in our EV Charging page and our position papers.

Gireve contributes to the charging ecosystem as an interoperability platform, and has been part of the Advenir program since its creation, delivering interoperability certificates to the charging operators that are connected to its platform and that have an offer published on its marketplace.

Do the data sending and interoperability requirements apply to me?

Both requirements apply to charging points that are accessible to the public. All cases for which the requirements apply are detailed in the following table: 

table of requirements for the French ADVENIR subsidy program for EV charging station installation

Why choose Gireve?

Historical partner

Since the creation of the Advenir program, Gireve has helped operators meet the interoperability requirements.

Technical simplicity

Our marketplace gathers all players in one place, to sign agreements based on approved templates, in a single click.

Trusted third party

With Gireve, EV drivers can still benefit from the additional services of their operator, no matter the charging station.

Join Gireve for interoperability and data sending to Advenir

Step by step:

To benefit from an ADVENIR subvention, the future beneficiary must contact a supervisor whose offer is labeled by the ADVENIR program. 

List of labeled suppliers

Once the supervisor has been chosen, the future beneficiary makes his “Request for subvention” on the ADVENIR platform or delegates this task to his supervisor.

NB: the quote is needed along the application.

Ask for your subvention

Once the subvention application has been validated by the ADVENIR program, the beneficiary proceeds to the “Signature of the subvention offer” online on the ADVENIR platform. The subvention is kept for the beneficiary for 6 months, the time for him to proceed with the installation.

Once the installation is completed, the beneficiary sends the “Supporting documents” or delegates this task to his supervisor: certificate of completion of work co-signed with the supervisor, invoice and before/after photo, etc. At this step of the process, for some types of charging infrastructure described in the table above, the ADVENIR program checks additional requirements such as the consumption data sending of the charging stations installed.

Once these documents have been sent and validated by the ADVENIR program, the subvention is paid to the beneficiary.

How to apply: Fill in the form to learn more

Discover all subventions available for e-mobility in France!

Discover all subventions available for e-mobility in France!

Q&A - Gireve and Advenir

No, Gireve cannot help you with requirements other than the two for which we intervene:

  • The reporting of consumption data
  • Charging interoperability

Gireve is a French company created in 2013 by 5 major players of the e-mobility ecosystem.

For more information please visit: about us

No, Gireve only works with charging operators (CPO) or e-mobility service providers (eMSP). Please contact one of our partners or contact us at the following address:

It is free to send data through Gireve or get your interoperability certificate, as long as your backoffice provider is connected to our systems and you have an account on the Connect Place

If you are using a CPO monitoring system already connected to Gireve, allow 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the amount of charging points to be integrated. The process will be all the faster if your infrastructure descriptive data is correct and in the right format.

If you want to technically connect directly to Gireve, the process will be longer and will depend on the time needed to complete the project of technical connection and integration of your infrastructures to the platform.

No. To be interoperable, you will need to be non-discriminatory on the platform. It will therefore be necessary to publish a “Public” type offer (Offer-to-All, visible to all our mobility operators) with a “pre-signed” mode (which does not require a second approval if an eMSP wants to sign an agreement with you)

You can access the list of our mobility operator partners by contacting us at the following address:

Yes, your terminals will be visible in the applications of mobility operators as well as in the vehicle navigation systems.

You will have 3 main topics to deal with:

  • “Contractual” topics with mobility operators on the platform (roaming contracts are all digitized and you have a dedicated dashboard that lists your different contracts).
  • “Operational” topics: to respond to possible requests from mobility operators, EV drivers or Gireve
  • “Financial” topics: to charge mobility operators for whom users have recently come to recharge on my network

For more information on Gireve support for each of these services, please visit our dedicated page

Yes, Gireve offers the Advanced Pack (paid service) with additional support features on the platform.

For example, with the Invoicing Tool you can delegate the preparation of your invoices to Gireve.

To learn more, contact us.

You will be free to determine your CPO roaming rate on the platform. This is the B2B price that you will ask mobility operators when their customers come to recharge at your terminals. If you wish, you can offer free admission at certain charging points.

During your technical integration on the Gireve platform, our operational experts will guide you on the best practices to adopt for CPO rates. The CPO rate charged for roaming on the platform is about 30% cheaper than the fee-for-service rate excluding VAT charged at the terminal.

You can make your request for an identifier directly to the French organization in charge of attribution: AFIREV via the following page:

Gireve cannot assist you in applying for an identifier from AFIREV or another foreign body.

Yes, if you obtained your ID abroad, for example from eViolin or BDEW, you can still use Gireve for both of the requirements for which we operate.

No, this must be done separately and Gireve cannot help you with this part because we do not administer this platform.

One of the objectives of the ADVENIR programme is to prove that the growth of the electric vehicle market is effectively contributing to the energy transition. The programme must therefore measure the real impact of electric vehicle charging on carbon emissions related to electricity production and on the electricity distribution network. It is for this purpose that the ADVENIR program systematically collects load data for the infrastructures allowing it, whether they are controlled or not.

As soon as the terminal integrates a teleoperation system, the transmission of energy consumption data is mandatory.

For all charging sessions that the charging station provides, and regardless of the means used by the driver to access the service (with a badge, a smartphone application, a credit card, the Plug &Charge, etc.), the minimum data to be sent are:

(a) the total energy delivered during charging (Wh);

(b) the start and end date/time of the refills.

Any other data available to the operator must also be sent to the ADVENIR program. The data collected is anonymized, it is considered confidential and will be completely deleted at the end of the program.

The consumption data will have to be reported over the entire life of the terminal.


The ADVENIR program allows recipients to use one of the following solutions:

  • via the collection of  EcoCO2 web service data
  • via Gireve platform’s web service

Before contacting Gireve, make sure that:

  1. your installation requires the reporting of consumption data to the ADVENIR program (see previous chapter)
  2. the tele-operation/supervision system used for your charging stations uses the Gireve platform’s web service for reporting consumption data to the ADVENIR program. The remote operation/supervision systems that have chosen the Gireve web service are accessible on request to

The verification of the requirement to raise consumption is done automatically. No proof is to be provided on the ADVENIR Platform.

For all subventions that require interoperability, it is mandatory to use Gireve’s platform as Gireve is the only validated partner so far. Connections to other platforms or in peer-to-peer platforms do not meet this requirement.

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