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Big data management and decision engineering have become essential strategic issues worldwide across all sectors. The collection of reliable, comprehensive, and relevant data remains fundamental, but it is not enough: companies need fine analysis and interpretation of results to help them make decisions in their development strategy. Based on its renown EV charging database, Gireve can provide you with the right reports and analytics to guide your decisions.

Our Analytics services


Control your activity at a glance thanks to performance indicators organized in clear and intuitive dashboards

report on the evolution of charging infrastructure in France by Gireve's analytics services


Analyze your market through optimized and contextualized data to establish your diagnostics and develop your action plans


Take advantage of our unique combination of Big data, machine learning and field expertise to identify new opportunities

Insights of a charging network: number of charging points, type of connectors, etc. by Gireve's analytics services
forecast of charging sessions by Gireve's analytics services


Detect trends and anticipate threats and opportunities

Analytics by Gireve: why choose our services?

Unmatched expertise

Gireve's team has a unique knowledge of e-mobility data and experience in handling it to provide the right analytics

State of the art technology

We use big data technologies and machine learning techniques to reveal insights hidden in massive data volumes

Reference data

The relevance of the analysis largely depends on the completeness, richness and reliability of the data studied. Gireve is widely recognized as the reference source for e-mobility.

They trust Gireve's analytics services

RESOURCE : Case study

EVSE Barometer in France

Baromètre AVERE DGEC Gireve

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