An illustration representing the partnership between Amano and Gireve with their logos

Amano and Gireve partner up to facilitate access to charging on parking spaces

Gireve just welcomed Amano, the expert in Smart Parking solutions on its digital platform. With worldwide activities, Amano provides mobile apps, parking management systems, devices, and cloud platforms for parking operators. The solution provider offers user-friendly services with high degree of extensibility and adaptability.

Amano just got connected to Gireve’s roaming platform, opening access to its EV charging solution for all EV drivers. Gireve is the central digital platform for e-mobility, gathering thousands of operators and managing millions of transactions. With Gireve, charging points operators open their networks globally and improve EV charging experience to EV drivers.

By joining Gireve’s global marketplace, the parking manufacturer will be able to extend its partner network to any e-Mobility Service Provider it wants.

“We are extremely happy to welcome Amano to our platform, a leading global company in the parking industry, who is adopting a pioneer approach: to simplify the parking and the EV experience by bringing together both sectors. We believe that our EV partners and parking operators will find Amano’s services extremely interesting for it offers an innovative all-in-one solution for an industry that has an important role to play in the electromobility ecosystem.”

Mireia Delgado, Sen Business Development Manager, Gireve

‘For the expansion of our Smart Park solutions with EV charging, we were looking for a solid partner to help support our unique concept of the fully integrated solution where parking and charging can be managed from the same platform. Gireve, with their global network and expertise, is the leverage we need for the opportunities in this fast-growing market!’

Bert Peirsman, director Amano Europe, the expert in Smart Parking solutions

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