Test your Plug & Charge solution on our testing platform. Access our PKI V2G and certificate exchange pool services.

Gireve launches Plug & Charge testing

You are developing Plug & Charge services, but your solution needs testing? Join our testing platform and discover our PKI V2G and certificate exchange pool services. We provide you with implementation guidance, technical support, and access to our testing environment. 

Book a session for Plug & Charge testing in Gireve’s environment!

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We take part in several initiatives to define market standards and ensure a successful deployment of the new generation of electric vehicle charging solutions: we are members of CharIN, mobena, ChargeUp Europe, EV Roaming Foundation

A complete range of highly secured modular services

To simplify charging, avoid EV charging badge hassle, and secure transactions, Gireve developed its Plug & Charge solution. It will simplify the experience of all EV market players, guaranteeing them the highest level of security.

Gireve’s solution combines a 10-year experience as first European roaming network with the cybersecurity expertise of our technical expert Thales.

Gireve supports you in the definition of your Plug and Charge strategy and helps you choose the technical features you need, from technical deployment to the definition of your trust area.

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