The barometer of charging points in France is produced by Avere and the Ministry of Energy Transition on the basis of data from Gireve.

101,000 public charging points in France – June 2022

On June 30, 2023, France had 101,681 public charging points. This represents a 57% increase compared to the same month in 2022. On average, there are 151 charging points per 100,000 inhabitants.

Since January , 6,419 new charging stations have been installed across the country. These installations have made 19,574 new charging points available to the public.

We have observed a slowdown in deployments over the past two months, a trend that will need to be monitored in the coming weeks. Nevertheless, France remains in the second position among the best-equipped countries in the European Union, behind the Netherlands and ahead of Germany.

Clément Molizon, General Secretary of Avere-France

However, the General Secretary of Avere-France wants to reassure the French, especially those who are getting ready to hit the road for their holidays in a few days :

99% of the service areas on the concession motorway network are equipped with fast charging stations, the number of which has quadrupled in the space of a year. Across the entire country, nearly 14,000 fast charging points (with a power greater than 50 kW) are available to electric vehicle drivers to ensure their road.

Clément Molizon, General Secretary of Avere-France

Indeed, in June 2023, charging points with a power greater than 150 kW were available on average 82% of the time. Charging points under repair or out of service are considered unavailable.

Since last month, the barometer also includes indicators of charging price in France. This represents the price that the mobility operator pays to the charging station operator. The price of a charging session is calculated by dividing the total price in euros by the number of kWh delivered. In June 2023, the average price for a B2B charging session for AC charging points was 41 euro cents and 38 euro cents for DC charging point.

Since 2021, AVERE and the Ministry of Energy Transition have been jointly developing a monthly charging barometer. This barometer shows how charging infrastructure changes based on location and available power. The data is compiled from Gireve, the central digital platform for new mobility.

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