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The original request: follow up the evolution of infrastructure in France

Depuis 2014, Gireve réalise le baromètre des infrastructures de recharge pour l'AVERE et la DGEC afin de suivre l'évolution des bornes en France.

Since 2014, Gireve has been reporting the number of charging points in the French territory to follow up the charging infrastructure open to the public, to measure the impact of subventions and incentives for open and public charging infrastructure installation.

Number of points, type of power: which data?

Each barometer assesses the same data on open and publicly accessible charging infrastructure. Charging points are reported as per the decree n°2017-26 from 12 January 2017an interface associated to a parking space that enables the charging of one vehicle at a time.

Gireve makes an inventory of charging points and sorts them depending on the power delivered, the type of site on which it is installed, the department and the region. Data comes from charging networks connected to the platfom and open source databases. Gireve’s data team processes the data and enriches them to come the closest as possible to the reality. 


The AVERE is the national association for e-mobility development. It was created in 1978 to foster e-mobility transition with its 200 members from the industrial, commercial, institutional and associative fields. This barometer is made by the AVERE France and the Ministry of Ecology, based on Gireve’s data. It is a monthly publication of the number of open and publicly accessible charging points, sorted by location and power and with indicators per region.

Gireve's expertise for the barometer


We build the barometer with static data on charging points. These data come from different sources. They are sorted, formatted and cleansed to have each charging point fit the definition of the 2017 decree

Data visualisation

We analyse data and we design graphics each month to emphasize tendencies on some charging point characteristics.

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