100,000 charging points open to the public in France according to the recharging barometer of AVERE France and the Ministry of Ecology based on Gireve data.

100,000 public charging points in France – May 2022

On May 31, 2023, France had 100,596 charging points open to the public. This represents a 61% increase compared to the same month in 2022. In addition, on average, this means there are 149 charging points per 100,000 inhabitants.

Since January 1,5403 new charging stations have been installed in the territory. These installations have made 18,489 new charging points available to the public. This expansion of public charging represents an important step to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles. Indeed, it aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and enhance air quality in our cities.

Since 2021, Avere-France and the Ministry of Energy Transition have joined to establish a reference barometer on EV charging infrastructure. They have entrusted Gireve with the mission of producing reliable and transparent indicators to track changes in the deployment and use of charging infrastructure.

New feature of the barometer of charging in France: “B2B” pricing

In this edition, a new indicator of charging price has been introduced, specifically the price in “B2B”. This represents the price that the mobility operator pays to the charging operator. The price of a charging session is calculated by dividing the total price in euros by the number of kWh delivered. It is important to note that this average price may differ from the price paid by the user when roaming. This is because the mobility operator determines the final price, and additional charges may apply.

In May 2023, the average price of a B2B charging session for AC and DC charging points was 39 euro cents.

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