Greenflux Adds Dutch Charging Points On Gireve

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GreenFlux got connected to GIREVE’s roaming platform to enhance its services to eMSPs (e-Mobility Service Providers) and CPOs (Charge Point Operators). Opening up more than 4.000 charging points in the Netherlands, GreenFlux joined the platform to give its partners access to the charging infrastructure across Europe.

By getting connected to GIREVE, GreenFlux enhances its smart EV charging platform: when parties connect to GreenFlux’s EV charging platform, they get access to all GreenFlux’s roaming connections as well. It helps make GreenFlux’s roaming charging infrastructure more accessible for EV drivers.

‘‘We want to help create an interoperable charging network. With the roaming connections of GIREVE, we are able to overcome the hurdles that EV drivers experience.  […] We are very satisfied with GIREVE as a partner. We both strive for interoperability and support CPOs and eMSPs in the EV charging business.’’ Myrthe Timmermans, Marketing & Communications Specialist, GreenFlux

To Bruno Lebrun, CEO of GIREVE, this new connection is a good sign for the development of e-mobility in the Netherlands and abroad: “We are happy to support traffic increase on a leader charging network in Benelux, and to help them expand in Europe, fostering open networks”

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