Gireve Simplifies Operators’ Invoicing Processes

At the end of 2018, GIREVE’s interoperability platform launched Clearing, an invoicing-related services for e-mobility operators. Jean-Marc Rives, GIREVE’s CTO, explains the available features, the first feedbacks and potential evolutions. What need  does Clearing meet? For whom has it been created? We created a range of services to simplify and support invoicing processes between operators. To ensure […]

Gireve contributes to Plug-and-Charge development

plug and charge demo à EVS 32 avec GIREVE, Trialog, Vedecom, Renault

Plug your EV and the charge will start! No more badge or app! This is made possible with the new 15-118 protocol. GIREVE explains Plug-and-Charge, how it will affect cybersecurity, and the services this new standard will enable. 15-118 standard for e-mobility security ISO 15-118 standard describes a technical protocol of communication between electric vehicles […]

Greenflux Adds Dutch Charging Points On Gireve

Read the Press Release GreenFlux got connected to GIREVE’s roaming platform to enhance its services to eMSPs (e-Mobility Service Providers) and CPOs (Charge Point Operators). Opening up more than 4.000 charging points in the Netherlands, GreenFlux joined the platform to give its partners access to the charging infrastructure across Europe. By getting connected to GIREVE, GreenFlux enhances its […]