Gireve’s Messaging Service: 3 Questions To Margaux Vandeville

GIREVE’s interoperability platform improved the Connect Place, its portal dedicated to CPO and eMSP exchanges. A messaging service is now available. Operators can exchange directly on the Connect Place before signing a roaming agreement. They can also discuss operational and accounting matters.

Margaux, you led GIREVE’s messaging project. Can you tell us more about this service?

Our messaging service is complementary to the features already available on GIREVE’s Connect Place. It enables operators connected to GIREVE to exchange with each other, targeting the relevant contact person (business, operational, technical or accounting department)

This service is designed for all actors of roaming; Roaming business team members can contact operators they are not connected with yet. Technical teams can give alerts in case of incidents. Operational and accounting teams can get in touch for matters related to consumptions follow-up.

For instance, an eMSP disputing a roaming charging session can be contacted by the CPO for further conversation, avoiding multiple channels (phone, email, ticketing, etc.)

This service is useful for everyone involved in roaming activities.

Can you give us more details on the service’s features?

This service allows a CPO to create a conversation with an eMSP and vice-versa. It can be accessed from our digital portal called the Connect Place.

The operator defines the subject of the conversation and chooses a contact person. No need for a big address book, the Connect Place will find the right person! Once the message is sent, the recipient gets a notification and can answer the message.

Users can see, sort, filter or delete ongoing threads of conversation from their “messages space”.

Anytime, a new user can be added to a conversation by sharing the link.

Our service helps request Connect Place users appropriately. Creating a conversation sends an email notification to all recipients. Only respondents receive further notifications when replies are sent, but all members can access the whole conversation.

Will you make evolutions to the service in the coming months? What do you have planned?

We have several ideas to improve this new service. We’d like to enable the creation of a group of conversation between several operators, reinforce the link with our dispute feature by associating a conversation to a charging section, send a message with GIREVE in copy, etc. For all evolutions, we are open to our users’ feedbacks so that the improvements meet their needs.

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