Gireve’s Messaging Service: 3 Questions To Margaux Vandeville

GIREVE’s interoperability platform improved the Connect Place, its portal dedicated to CPO and eMSP exchanges. A messaging service is now available. Operators can exchange directly on the Connect Place before signing a roaming agreement. They can also discuss operational and accounting matters. Margaux, you led GIREVE’s messaging project. Can you tell us more about this […]

E-Mobility Operators Can Now Settle Disputes With Gireve

GIREVE’s interoperability platform simplifies the management of roaming charging sessions for e-mobility operators. To meet its users’ needs, GIREVE makes it now possible for operators to deal with their disagreements before invoicing. Dispute management: a tool to reduce costs before invoicing GIREVE’s new dispute service enables an eMSP (e-Mobility Service Provider) to express a disagreement on […]