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Roaming services: download our product sheet

The market for electric mobility is now growing and user demand is increasing. To be able to exploit the potential of this market, CPOs and eMSPs need to connect. Indeed, they need to communicate in real time to provide a good user experience. To support operators and simplify their operations, we have developed a marketplace that contains a full range of roaming services that we describe in this roaming product sheet on our offers for electric charging. It is a digital platform that you can easily access and communicate with your partner.

What's inside the EV roaming product sheet

Business Services for eMSPs and CPOs in Europe:

Gireve’s Connect Place gives you access to all roaming offers available through your platform. Indeed, you can easily establish partnerships with any operator on the market. Our contract templates and online signature simplify the process. In addition, our support team is dedicated to guiding you through your onboarding and daily operations.

Roaming services :

With our automated technical connection and operational tools, you can unlock a range of features. They will simplify the way you roam with your partners. Data flows are based on open protocols (OCPI, eMIP). Moreover, you can use APIs to locate IRVEs, send or collect the tariff, book, charge and track charging sessions.

Clearing services :

CPOs can verify the invoice amount before invoicing their eMSPs partners. CPOs can also easily generate B2B invoices and send them to eMSPs for automatic download and verification. Easy and fast operation makes it convenient for CPOs to make payments with their partners.

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