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Position paper: opening public charging to roaming

Public Charging in Europe: direct payment model

Public authorities are at the heart of e-mobility deployment, as they install a great part of charging points publicly available. In Europe, open charging points need to offer direct payment to ensure access to charging for anyone. Direct payment or ad-hoc payment means payment on the charging terminal with a credit card.

Direct payment and EV roaming

Some countries go further and make it compulsory for charging stations to be open to roaming, so that EV drivers can access charging with their badge, card or mobile app using their usual operator. They can travel, use the same app in all networks and get a single invoice at the end.

At Gireve, we believe that all public charging networks should be open to roaming, to foster the development of e-mobility at a massive scale. And we are deeply convinced that public authorities have a role to play in opening all networks on their territories. Only full roaming will lead to a seamless and satisfying experience of charging for EV drivers, with enhanced services.

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