En automne 2020, AUTORECHARGE SAS s’est connectée à la plateforme GIREVE en tant qu’opérateur de recharge (CPO), afin d’ouvrir son réseau à tous les conducteurs de véhicules électriques dans le cadre du programme ADVENIR. 

AUTORECHARGE chooses Gireve to open its charging points to all users

AUTORECHARGE SAS is an innovative French startup dedicated to e-mobility. Its team has a 40-year-old experience in telecommunications and energy across the world. The company is dedicated to the implementation of high quality charging infrastructures for electric and hybrid vehicles.

In partnership with many stakeholders of the ecosystem, AUTORECHARGE SAS offers a range of services from consulting and audit to installation, management and repowering (modernisation) of infrastructures.

At the end of 2020, benefitting from the French program AdvenirAUTORECHARGE SAS got connected to GIREVE’s roaming platform as a Charging Point Operator (CPO), to open its network to all EV drivers.

At the end of 2020, benefitting from the French program Advenir, AUTORECHARGE SAS got connected to GIREVE’s roaming platform as a Charging Point Operator (CPO), to open its network to all EV drivers.

Designed with AI features, the innovative AUTORECHARGE SAS charging station can put a charging process on hold to keep costs down or to prevent an overload of the power grid. Following the ecological and sanitary crisis, AUTORECHARGE SAS adapted to meet the new needs of the market. The company became co-investor and now installs and manages a network with clean sources of energy.

“The most important thing for us is to guarantee the massification of e-mobility and foster the energy transition, as the transport industry is responsible for 24% of greenhouse gas” said Malek DRIF, Operations Manager of AUTORECHARGE SAS. “Thanks to the professionalism of GIREVE’s team, our integration followed a dynamic and efficient process. Their innovative roaming solution guarantees a high-quality experience for EV drivers.”

AUTORECHARGE SAS launched the eAUTON’Ω interface to enable management of charging stations from a distance. The user also receives reports, notifications, and statistics for the chosen periods. This charging system is perfect for on-the-road stations, but also for stations located on private parking, in garages and commercial sites.  Users will get transparent and complete information of their charging activity.

AUTORECHARGE SAS aims to operate 10,000 charging points in France by 2023. More projects are being prepared. The company is developing technical and innovative solutions for EV users.

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