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France reaches 100,000 charging points open to the public

Paris, May 5th, 2023 – The objective of 100,000 charging points open to the public has finally been reached. This achievement proves the dynamism of the emobility ecosystem in France, with a notable growth for ultra-fast charging.

More than 7,000 charging points of 150kW and more have been installed. This represents an increase by 270% in a year. France is now the second European country best equipped in charging points, right behind the Netherlands.

“Reaching 100,000 charging points open to the public was necessary to support the development of the EV market. Beyond that, we need to anticipate it. Current and future EV drivers need to be confident on their charging opportunities. Finally, we involved on facilitating EV roaming: for these reasons, growing the public charging network is crucial. The transition towards electric mobility demands support and good coverage of the public space and highways. Even if 90% of charging sessions are made at home or at the company.” says Clément Molizon, General Secretary of the Avere-France

Next steps: increasing coverage, integrating new usage and improving user experience

To Emmanuel Leprat, Data Director at Gireve: “Reaching the much-awaited milestone of 100,000 charging points demonstrates the progress made in creating a denser network of charging infrastructure in France, meeting the growing demand for electric vehicles. It paves the way for the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. In line with this, we have introduced new indicators in the barometer of the French Ministry of the Energy Transition – Avere France since the end of 2022. These indicators measure the average number of charging sessions and the availability rate of the charging infrastructure. It will help ensure that the charging network can meet the current and future needs of electric vehicle owners.”

Gireve has been following the evolution of the charging infrastructure in France since 2014. The increase has been particularly significant over the past 2 years. The infrastructure has increased by 67% in the last 12 months and by 200% in the last 24 months. Different indicators are monitored to track France’s progress. It will also bring stakeholders together around identified objectives. Most importantly, it will anticipate future needs to deploy the infrastructure where demand is highest. As indicated by AVERE, beyond the numbers and the rise of deployments, a good user experience is essential. Everything must be considered: the quality of services, the attractiveness of charging stations, their ease of use, maintenance, and pricing.

The user experience must be considered today and even more so tomorrow. We will need to accommodate future EVs on the road and anticipate installation lead times… while integrating new uses, including heavy mobility. This will certainly require electrification of depots. But it also means that roaming will have to be considered for these solutions.

For more information: read the latest barometer (end of April) in French

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