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Zunder partners with Gireve to enhance its charging point network in Europe

  • Zunder’s users will be able to charge on more than 165,000 charging points in Europe
  • This agreement is part of Zunder’s international development plan
  • All charging sessions will be managed from one single app.

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Zunder, the company that revolutionizes the -mobility industry, has announced today its partnership with Gireve to increase its charging network throughout Europe.

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Zunder app’s subscribers can now charge anywhere, anytime

The company has already achieved the technical setup to implement interoperability with European charging networks, enabling its subscribers to access thousands of charging points in Europe without having to download third party apps.

Our services are designed to foster the growth of e-mobility operators and help them enter new markets. We are happy to help a major player such as Zunder expand in Europe by facilitating the connection to all networks in the market”

Mireia Delgado, Gireve’s Business Development Senior Manager

Zunder’s charging network is also expanding

What’s more, Zunder keeps working on the development of its network of stations in the national territory, with already more than 150 charging points. This development aims at reaching more than 4,000 operational chargers by 2025.

To guarantee the best user experience possible, Zunder focuses on offering the best charging solutions to EV users such as Plug and Charge, real time charging follow-up, charging point location, route planning and language selection.

“Our project started with the wish to meet EV users’ needs. This partnership addresses a major concern: being able to charge with one app anytime, anywhere. This type of solution make Zunder the preferred network, best valued by EV drivers in our country and, from now on, in Europe.”

Daniel Pérez, Zunder’s CEO

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