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Position paper: which market for 15-118 standard

ISO 15-118: a standard for Plug and Charge services

ISO 15-118 is a standard that describes a protocol of communication between vehicle and charging station to bring new features. The “Plug and Charge” feature is its most visible use case.
The 15-118 standard is an opportunity for the electromobility ecosystem. It provides
simplicity for EV drivers, makes progress in energy optimisation, reduces costs, and
enhances (cyber)security. But we think it should be rooted in an open and free market for it to foster the development of the whole industry.

Cybersecurity and enhanced user experience

ISO 15-118 will not only improve the experience of charging for the EV driver, but it will also help the entire e-mobility ecosystem, enhancing available services and securing operators exchanges. At Gireve, we think that cybersecurity is one of the most important stakes in the development of future services, and we work for open and interoperable tools with our partners.

Want to learn more about ISO 15-118 standard and how to build an open and free market fostering innovation?
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