A vast network of public charging stations for electric vehicles in Italy - Plenitude + Be Charge - announces its partnership with Gireve.

The Plenitude + Be Charge network are now available on the Gireve platform

Plenitude + Be Charge have just announced their partnership with Gireve. Plenitude + Be Charge is one of the most extensive networks of public charging stations for electric vehicles in Italy. Gireve is the first B2B digital platform for electric mobility in Europe.

The alliance between Gireve and Be Charge: facilitating the electric mobility

By getting connected to Gireve as Charging Point Operator, Be Charge offers access to its widespread charging network. Subscribers to eMSP connected to Gireve will be able to access the already installed over 15,000 Plenitude + Be Charge charging points. The company is expanding and plans to install more than 30,000 charging points and cover 100% of Italian cities.

A nationwide public charging infrastructure for electric vehicles

Be Charge, controlled by Plenitude, is an integrated operator dedicated to the dissemination of charging infrastructures for electric mobility.

Be Charge is a subsidiary of Plenitude through Be Power. Its goal is to establish one of the most extensive public charging infrastructures for EVs in Italy and Europe. As a CPO and eMSP, the company contributes to the development of electric mobility in the countries with a fast, technologically advanced, reliable, and affordable infrastructure.

Charging point of Plenitude + Be Charge

Indeed, Plenitude + Be Charge offers drivers both AC – Quick type up to 22 kW, and DC – Fast type up to 99 kW, Fast+ up to 149 kW, and Ultrafast above 150 kW.

Plenitude + Be Charge's charging network

Plenitude + Be Charge’s charging network is now available on major European platforms, providing easy accessibility to all users.

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