place to plug se connecte à la plateforme d'itinérance GIREVE

Spanish Operator Place To Plug Joins Gireve’s Roaming Platform

Place to Plug joined GIREVE as both eMSP (e-mobility service provider) and CPO (charging point operator), to offer its subscribers a larger network of charge and to add new networks on GIREVE’s roaming platform.

With Place to Plug app and web, an EV driver can find, book, and access any public or private charging point with just a tap, without the need of being a direct customer of each charging point operator. By joining GIREVE, Place and Plug will be able to offer its users charging opportunities on the 90,000+ charging points already connected to GIREVE in Europe.

On the other hand, charging stations’ owners and operators can manage their charging points thanks to Place to Plug Connect, the charging point control center providing interoperability and advanced stats. Via GIREVE, Place to Plug will make the networks of charge more visible on all apps and navigation systems, and accessible to any EV driver.

“Roaming is essential in any service provided both to EV drivers and charging infrastructure operators, this is why we decided to integrate Gireve in Place to Plug Nexus, our interoperability platform” Josep Cester, COO, Place to Plug

Place to Plug was born in 2015 and since then it has acquired an extensive experience working with EV drivers, charging station manufacturers, charging station operators, public administration, and private businesses. There is no doubt about the electric vehicle being the future and Place to Plug has the mission of enabling Electric Vehicle drivers to charge anywhere and anytime providing the most advanced solution for the EV charging industry. The new technologies used allow to show live maps with charging station statuses, real time customer chat, live charging metrics, and much more.

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