Roaming In Belgium With Blue Corner

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Blue Corner got connected to GIREVE to open its charging network to roaming, and to offer its customer a wider charging network with their charging solution, the Blue Corner card. Blue Corner operates as a CPO (Charge Point Operator) of around 1.500 charge points in Benelux and is also an eMSP (e-Mobility Service Provider) with customers in the Benelux. Blue Corner offers all kinds of services around EV charging.

“Roaming is of course very important to make the switch to EV use as easy as possible. The EV driver wants to be able to recharge his car wherever he finds a charging point. GIREVE is a fantastic platform to group all bigger and smaller CPO’s in France and Europe which makes it easier for CPO’s and MSP to make their cards and charging points available for other parties in Europe. It is almost impossible for single MSP’s to organise interoperability with all CPO’s.” Dirk Vandereyt, Blue Corner

Blue Corner plans to continue to build their public network in Benelux and expand their services to include new services, mainly in the area of power management domestique and B2B and vehicle to Grid/Home charging.

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