Road - E-Flux aims at making EV charging accessible and convenient for everyone. The company just announced its partnership with our roaming platform, expanding its roaming network.

Road partners with Gireve to expand roaming network across Europe

The goal of Road is to make EV charging accessible and convenient for everyone. To take this further, the company has partnered with our roaming platform, expanding its roaming network across Europe.

Road offers a unique platform for e-mobility players to manage their charging stations, users, and services easily. This was a natural partnership as we offer a digital platform gathering eMSP and CPO on our marketplace to offer business, roaming and clearing services globally. We currently manage 9.000 contracts between 800 operators in Europe. This means that our IT systems handle millions of transactions every year.

Connecting Gireve to Road’s platform enables Charge Point Operators (CPOs) to make their charging stations accessible to users in France and across Europe.

Gireve develops iFrame with all charging stations in Europe that are connected to its roaming platform.

Our partnership with Road is a further step to a more convenient and seamless charging experience. We thank Road’s teams for their efficiency and for their trust

Mireia Delgado, Senior Business Development Manager, Gireve

We are excited to integrate our platform with roaming platform Gireve, enabling us to broaden our charging network in Europe.

Gina ter Heide, Chief Product Officer at E-Flux
All your electric car charge points in one platform. E-flux is hardware agnostic so it is possible to combine different brands: add locations, set rates and invite users. Gain insight into all EV charging sessions and receive the reimbursement of each EV charging sessions that have taken place each month in your bank account.

What is EV roaming?

EV roaming makes it possible for EV drivers to use their charge-cards on charging stations from different providers. This allows drivers the flexibility to charge their EV seamlessly at any charging station within the roaming network, without needing to sign up, or pay separately for each network.

Thanks to agreements between different charging network providers, it’s possible to connect and open networks to enable cross-network charging. This helps improve the convenience and accessibility of EV charging, especially for long-distance trips.

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