Qovoltis’ Smart Charging Stations Open To Roaming With Gireve

Qovoltis, a French charging operator, in now connected to the GIREVE’s roaming platform to offer all EV drivers an easy and efficient solution to charge their vehicles while minimizing the impact on the grid.

Qovoltis offers smart charging points installation, management and maintenance, in business premises, condominiums, individual houses and public areas. Qovoltis creates innovative smart charging stations that offer a unique charging experience.

By connecting to GIREVE’s roaming platform, Qovoltis enables all EV drivers to locate its charging network, see the availability of charging points live and choose one to charge on.

Our partnership with GIREVE’s platform, a major actor in charging station interoperability, reinforces Qovoltis’ positioning as a global charging solution provider. We are happy to share values of performance, efficiency and innovation with GIREVE which will allow us to offer a better charging experience to all EV drivers, declares Ehsan Emami, President of Qovoltis.

First implemented in the North and Center of France, Qovoltis operates a fast charging network (22 kW), soon available in the whole country and across Europe.

Containing the most advanced technologies for a unique EV charging experience, the Qovoltis charging station offers a pure and stylish design for the pleasure of eyes of EV drivers and all the property owners eager to add value to their assets.

About Qovoltis

Created in 2019, Qovoltis is a French company with a total Equity of 1.5 M€. With its intelligent charging stations, Qovoltis introduces an innovative solution embedding the latest EV market standards (OCPP, ISO 15118, V2G). It also provides an easy and efficient solution to both individuals and entreprises concerned by the ecological cause and engaged in the electric mobility.

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