Proviridis’s Ultra-Fast Chargers Open To Roaming With Gireve

PROVIRIDIS, a specialist in the distribution of alternative fuels, got connected to GIREVE’s roaming platform to open access to its charging network to all users. The operator thus adds its chargers to the 88,000 charging points of European networks already connected GIREVE’s roaming platform.

“The connection process was very simple, GIREVE walked us through the different steps of account creation. The interface is easy to use. To us, interoperability is the key asset of the platform, roaming simplifies processes for the operator and the user.” Olivier Verdu, CTO, Proviridis

Thanks to this connection, EV drivers will be able to locate and use chargers with the mobile app or the badge they want, without having to subscribe to a new operator.

PROVIRIDIS offers innovative solutions for alternative fuel distribution. The company develops fueling stations through its subsidiary V-GAS. To this day, V-GAS gathers 13 public charging stations and is planning to implement 25 more. 2 stations offer 150 kW power. The group company wishes to have a maximum of its stations deliver ultra-fast charging.

“Proviridis develops a network of ultra-fast charging that meets the needs of EV drivers just passing by and often charging in a roaming situation. Our partnership will further simplify charging for EV drivers” Armand Gallet, Business Development Manager, GIREVE

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