our Plug and Charge expert Thomas Fousse explains our pool interoperability for Plug and Charge

Plug&Charge: pool interoperability demo by Gireve

In November, we took part in a demo of ISO 15118 Plug&Charge pool interoperability with Mobena initiative members and other providers at European level.

This demonstration was done using electric vehicles, charging stations and IT services (including PKI) located in 3 countries: France, Netherlands, and Germany. In fact, Gireve hosted the pool and PKI from the team based in France.

We performed two scenarios to demonstrate the technical interoperability of our Trust services in a multi-pool and multi-PKI environment. During this demonstration, Plug&Charge experts explained the process of contract certificate creation and exchanges between pools from different ecosystems. This demo was realized with our Mobena partners with a test car from Stellantis, a charging station from Hager, and backend work from Trialog, stations-e and SAP.

Watch the video below to discover the two scenarios that we developed in this pool interoperability demo:

  • First scenario: an EV driver activates Plug & Charge for Shell eMSP in its Stellantis vehicle, while the OEM and eMSP use different Plug & Charge providers.
  • Second scenario: an EV driver uses stations-e to charge its Stellantis vehicle using Plug & charge in Germany. In this case the OEM, eMSP and CPO use different Plug & Charge providers.

What matters is to enable any EV-driver to charge an EV from any car-maker on any charging station (whatever the charger maker, whatever the CPO, whatever the country) using any service provider (whatever the eMSP). One aspect of the topic is to ensure interoperability, among which pool interoperability. We proved we are technically able to circulate information and make it accessible through Gireve Trust services.

Margaux Vandeville, Product Manager at Gireve

About Mobena

Mobena is an open collaborative project to accelerate for next generation EV charging. It currently gathers a consortium of 20 European electric mobility players who stand for a customer oriented and interoperable market.

Mobena supports the e-mobility companies to ensure a successful deployment of the new generation of electric vehicle charging solutions, enabling plug & charge and smart charging. Based on ISO15118 services, these solutions will both simplify the user experience and improve the quality of service.

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