With Plug and Charge, a user can charge an EV by simply plugging it into the charging station.

Plug and Charge – 2022 Trend #3

With Plug & Charge, as implied by the name, a user can charge an EV by simply plugging it into the charging station. No need for a mobile application or RFID card, the charging station and the vehicle communicate directly and pass on all the necessary information to the interested parties, ensuring maximum security in terms of data protection.

Plug and Charge in 2021

2021 was a turning point for Plug and Charge and this technology will remain a major trend in EV industry next year on. Operators and manufacturers are increasingly making their products compatible and pushing the market towards the adoption of this technology. An actor at the heart of the ecosystem, GIREVE actively contributes to the definition of the architecture and the implementation of Plug and Charge technology with many partners. GIREVE promotes the implementation of an open market and a clear governance that will lead to an interoperable service ensuring quality of service and freedom of choice for drivers.

Gireve’s partners for Plug and Charge

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Gireve has just announced the launch of a secure and interoperable Plug and Charge solution in partnership with Thales. Our solution, which is based on Thales’ “Trusted Key Manager” technology, assigns an authentication certificate to each player in the charging process, from the driver to the vehicle and the charging station. The system enables instant and secure mutual authentication between all these actors, which is a prerequisite for authorization and charging. It results in a simplified and safer EV charging experience.


GIREVE offers various services to facilitate the adoption of Plug and Charge by the entire ecosystem such as consulting services, technical implementation support and the generation of certificates throughout their lifecycle.

To understand what Plug and Charge is and what impact it will have on your business, feel free to watch our Webinar recorded in December, 2021:


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