Our expertise

Roaming between electric mobility operators
makes life easier for electric vehicle drivers and maximises the use of charging point networks.
That’s the core business of GIREVE, and it’s delivered through three key areas of expertise.


A database
of charging points
for electric vehicles


A market place
For roaming agreements
between operators


A technical hub to ensure
real-time exchanges
between operators

The European charging points repository

You are a charging point infrastructure operator
GIREVE aggregates descriptive data of your charging points in a standardized European database. You become visible to EV drivers through app and websites but also through navigation services in vehicles.

You are an e-mobility or navigation service provider
GIREVE provides you with easy acess to a standardised eMI3-format European database. Our operational teams check and update it daily. We provide you with a range of services to access charging infrastructures’ static data (location, type of outlets, power levels) and dynamic data (real-time availability)

Depending on your needs :

  • You can have access through an API to unformatted data (location, service and charge point characteristics), for downloading or updating purpose,
  • You can send requests to our database with filters based on technical characteristics such as type of outlets and power levels
  • You can insert a digital map on your website

Connect Place

GIREVE’s “Connect Place” is the market place for roaming operators. It is the place where offer meets service needs.

Operators can choose their partners and validate their roaming agreement in a single click.

As a charge point operator, you can use this portal to manage and publish offers for your future partners. It is an opportunity to increase the user flow on your network. You can set your offer visibility as public or restricted to a single operator. You can describe your infrastructure’s characteristics, services offered, B2B tariffs, etc. E-mobility service providers willing to make it possible for their customers to charge on your network only need to sign your offer online.

As an e-mobility service provider, you can check offers published by charging points operators. You can select the networks your find most interesting, and give your contractual agreement online in a single click. If you want to negotiate with charge points operators, you can find their contact information on the Connect Place. Once your roaming agreement is signed, your partner’s network is added to your service coverage. On the Connect Place you can look at your clients’ latest records of use.

Charging points connected to GIREVE

Your infrastructure does not appear on the map ? Contact us to reference it.

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