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Discover Beyond EV Charging, our new monthly publication! At Gireve, we are at the heart of the EV charging industry, empowering CPOs and eMSPs with our seamless roaming platform. But we don’t stop there; we process and enrich data concerning charging stations and driver behaviours. We offer insightful analysis and strategic counsel. We believe that this wealth of information will shape the future of mobility, making it sustainable, innovative, and accessible to all.

This is why we’re sharing a series of insights learned from our data, to foster discussions and learn together.

We are happy  to present our monthly publication related to our Data and Consulting department!

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Our monthly paper

Beyond EV Charging is your exclusive gateway to the ever-evolving world of EV charging. It’s more than just a paper; it’s your go-to resource for staying informed, getting data-driven insights, and staying ahead in the fast-paced EV charging market.

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What you can expect

First-hand data and focused analysis

Market Analysis: Dive deep into the EV charging market with us as we explore its current landscape. Our experts will dig into the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities that are shaping the industry.

Data insights: With access to one of the largest databases of EV charging stations in Europe, we bring you up-to-date statistics and insights that will aid your strategic planning.

Answers to Key Questions: Do you have burning questions about the EV charging market? Beyond EV Charging is your direct line to answers.

The EV charging market is evolving at an unprecedented pace, and with Beyond EV Charging you’ll be at the forefront of this electrifying revolution. 

The cover image for the "Beyond EV Charging" publication, a monthly paper by Gireve.

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