Charge4Go est connecté à la plateforme GIREVE

Nordic EMSP Charge4Go joins Gireve’s platform to offer Europe-Wide roaming

With a focus on the end customer experience and an objective to simplify charging through partnerships between e-mobility players, Charge4Go got connected to GIREVE’s roaming platform to extend charging opportunities on its app in Europe.

Charge4Go is an independent e-mobility service provider based in Stockholm with a local focus and presence on the Nordic market. Charge4Go offers e-mobility solutions for public charging by making it simple, accessible, and understandable for everyone. Its app enables the user to charge wherever they want, with access to all charging stations across Sweden, but also connected to the larger networks across Europe.

By getting connected to GIREVE, Charge4Go will be able to extend its network coverage and offer its EV driver subscribers a larger choice of charging options. This will ensure users a seamless charging experience with access to more than 115,000 charging points across Europe regardless of the operator, without the need for registration or payment details.

“Our objective is to provide our customers with a simple solution for charging in one app, and build the marketplace for charging together with our partners. Seamless e-mobility roaming is an essential service for us, and we aim at the best service possible. We chose GIREVE’s platform to benefit from its European coverage and its reliable IT platform, ensuring a continuity of our high service quality no matter where in Europe our customers charge”

Tamas Hess, CEO of Charge4Go

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