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In 2023, the team from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) visited Gireve’s office. They were interested in our activities and services in the electric mobility sector. Our President, Eric Plaquet, and our Director of Consulting, Amandine De Oliveira, answered their questions. Meet Gireve and discover our activities in this video!

And we’d like to thank the Chamber of Commerce for creating the video that marks the beginning of our partnership.

We consolidate our expertise to develop custom B2B solutions: data services, consulting and technological innovations (Plug&Charge, Smart Charging…). We provide support not only to private companies but also to governments and public stakeholders in their efforts to promote electric mobility within a specific area. Want to meet Gireve and learn more about our activities? Just drop us a message!

Our central and structuring position give us with a unique perspective on the market, as we work on upcoming trends and assist stakeholders in their preparations. The sector is in a dynamic phase and nothing is set in stone: we advocate for a collaborative vision of mobility for the future, where stakeholders share their expertise to enhance services for end-users. We are building this open ecosystem with our partners through national, European, or international working groups.

Eric Plaquet, CEO at Gireve

We can see the scaling up of electric vehicles in France: electric vehicle offerings from manufacturers are increasing, the infrastructure across the region is well-developed, and the country surpassed 100,000 charging stations in May 2023. There is still a need to enhance the quality and safety of the charging service to streamline the end-user experience, ensuring the interoperability of services.

Amandine De Oliveira, Director of Consulting at Gireve

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