Eric Plaquet Ceo & Président de Gireve sera speaker lors de l'événement Evision organisé par Eurelectric

Meet Gireve at EVision, an event by Eurelectric!

Gireve will speak at the EVision event that will be held on March 6 and 7, 2024. It is an annual event connecting leaders at the crossroad of transport and power industries. The event takes place at Autoworld in Brussels. Eurelectric and EY will present the results of their annual report. This year, the study looks into the interoperability of EV charging data. Around 250 participants are expected to attend the event and the 6 different panels planned.

M. Eric Plaquet CEO & Président de Gireve sera speaker à l'Evision 2024

Mr. Eric Plaquet, CEO & President of Gireve will be present. He will speak at the round table “Session #2 | Unlocking the Power of EV Data Interoperability“. He will be part of a panel alongside Mr. Olivier Dubois from EDF, Mr. Axel Volkery from the European Commission, Mr. João Tato Marinhi from Digital Europe and Mr. Dave Keating, journalist and moderator. This session will focus on the fundamental importance of data sharing and interoperability within the electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem. Data interoperability is a key element to accelerate EV adoption. It will therefore be a question of streamlining operations, improving the user experience and enabling new services and technologies.

Gireve sponsors the EVision event to promote EV charging data interoperability

Gireve is a major player in interoperability of EV charging data. It plays an active role in promoting EV data interoperability in Europe. One of its focus areas is to establish common standards and protocols for the exchange of data between the different players in the EV value chain.

Gireve sponsor de l'événement Evision 2024

During the Evision session, Gireve will share its expertise and experience as a central player. Eric Plaquet will explain the company’s vision on secure and reliable data exchange between different market players.

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