With this partnership, Laadkompas enables users to charge their EV on more than 260,000 charging points in Europe.

Laadkompas expands its charging offer with Gireve

One of largest providers in Netherlands – Laadkompas, announces a partnership with Gireve. In France and Europe, Gireve is the first B2B digital platform for electric mobility.

Laadkompas – a provider of smart charging solutions for home and office since 2015

Laadkompas began its operations in 2015 as one of the pioneers in the sale of EV chargers in the Netherlands. The company has grown to become one of the largest providers in the country with over 33,000 satisfied customers. The company ensures that customers have access to a complete charging solution, including installation services, charging cards, and charging management. Laadkompas developed as CPO and eMSP by offering premium quality to its clients. The company provides guidance to EV drivers, positioning itself as a single partner for all their electric driving needs.

The charging solutions of Laadkompas have recently undergone innovative developments. For instance, their myLaadkompas platform has been designed to incorporate smart charging capabilities in the near future. This feature will enable EV drivers to save a considerable amount on charging costs without ever experiencing empty battery as myLaadkompas will determine the optimal time to charge.

Over 35,000 Laadkompas customers can now use the application’s features on the Gireve network

Gireve and Laadkompas collaboration: facilitating the electric mobility in Europe

In partnership with Gireve, Laadkompas’s users can charge their electric vehicle with their card and application on more than 260,000 charging points in Europe.

Over 35,000 Laadkompas customers can now use the application’s features on the Gireve network. With this roaming feature, EV users can easily charge their vehicles at various locations.

Our aim is to provide a complete charging solution for EV drivers, and with the partnership with Gireve, we can offer our customers access to a vast network of charging points across Europe. We are committed to developing innovative charging solutions that not only benefit our customers but also contribute to a more sustainable and efficient electric mobility ecosystem.

Mick Bakker – Business Development Manager at Laadkompas

Objectives for the development of Laadkompas charging solutions

In the coming years, the company aims to integrate smart charging with the broader ecosystem. They will focus on the development of bidirectional charging as the future solution. This approach will enable EV owners to save money by opening up their ecosystem to grid operators, who can balance the grid and avoid the need for costly investments in infrastructure. With this strategy, Laadkompas aims to contribute to a more sustainable and cost-effective approach to electric vehicle charging, benefiting both the consumers and the environment.

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