Face à l'évolution du marché et devant le besoin d'interopérabilité et de sécurité pour une expérience fluide, Gireve a conclu un partenariat avec Thales pour mettre en place le Plug and Charge pour les eMSP (fournisseurs de services de mobilité), CPO (opérateurs d'infrastructures de recharge) et OEM (constructeurs). Retrouvez plus d'explications sur la solution collaborative que les deux entreprises proposent, dans cette interview du Président de Gireve et de la Vice Présidente Automobile chez Thales:

Gireve & Thales: a secure “Plug & Charge” experience

Gireve and Thales joined an interview to discuss their Plug and Charge solution. Increasing climate change concerns have accelerated the desire for more electric vehicles (EVs), making the EV market grow. As EV models develop and charging solutions expand, it becomes more complicated for the EV driver to find a simple charging solution. EV drivers should be able to charge anywhere at predictable cost. They also need to avoid range anxiety when planning a trip.

This is what roaming is all about. One way to simplify charging is by providing a charging contract that will be accepted in every charging station. This model of charging also enables value-added services such as charging station reservation and flexible price on all charging stations, as well as Plug and Charge implementation.

Thales and Gireve are at the heart of the Electric Vehicle ecosystem

ISO 15118: creating a seamless “Plug & Charge” experience

The international ISO 15118 standard has been developed to correct this fragmented charging issue. It offers consistency that simplifies the integration of Electric Vehicles into smart energy grids. Indeed, the user-friendly standard enables automatic identification of EVs for easy charging and single billing at any ISO 15118-compliant station.

With this standard, plugging in your EV and charging it at any ISO 15118-compliant charging station is as seamless as switching on your mobile phone when landing in a foreign country. In this scheme the “roaming operators” are enabling a perfect interoperability between all EV players, whatever the country of charge. Furthermore, the ISO 15118 standard will enable additional services such as Vehicle to Grid (V2G) and smart charging.

Interview Gireve and Thales – Secure ‘Plug&Charge’

To meet the need for interoperability and security and to offer a smooth charging experience, Gireve set a partnership with Thales. They created a complete solution to implement Plug and Charge for eMSP, CPO, OEM. You can find below the interview of Gireve’s CEO and Thales’ VP of Automotive, where they discuss the future of EV charging. They also explain the Plug & Charge solution that they have collaborated on to simplify and secure EV charging.

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