Gireve introduced a new brand identity with cloud designs, and more visual representations

Gireve unveils its new brand identity

Gireve unveils its new identity, reflecting its leading role in the new mobility industry

September 15th, 2022, Paris – Gireve introduced a new brand identity. The graphic line reflects its evolution, the transformation of its services and its leadership on the market.

Gireve, a key partner for emobility operators

Gireve’s activity has been growing fast over the past 2 years, to meet the needs of a transforming market.
The company is a renowned partner for electric mobility players in Europe. It supports them to understand the market, accelerate their transition, get charging reports on a territory, or plan to enter a new market. With the development of its smart charging and MaaS projects and the evolution of its technical solutions, Gireve is now the key platform in Europe for the mobility of tomorrow. It became necessary to create a subtle visual identity that would emphasize the content, with recognisable graphic elements.

The last two years, the number of available charging points on our platform has more than doubled and the number of annual exchanges has tripled. We have exceeded our growth expectations and we have strengthened our fundamental role on the market. Our business has developed and evolved. A growing number of various players come to us to prepare the mobility of tomorrow. It was logical to support this turning point with a change of our visual identity, a modernisation of our logo and new representations of our activity.

Eric Plaquet, President

A new brand identity to illustrate its central position

Gireve’s new identity depicts a company looking at the challenges of tomorrow. The geometric lines of the logo represent a world in creation. They illustrate the different steps of data processing, but also the anticipation of the future of mobility. The dynamic shapes embody mobility itself as well. A new vision of the mobility of tomorrow is highlighted, with a notion of going forward. The new signature underlines Gireve’s international reach and sums up its mission: to give the impulse that makes it possible to accelerate the energy transition of the industry.

We have redesigned our graphic identity to spread our vision of tomorrow’s world and the values that we share with the entire ecosystem. This collective work allowed us to put words on our vision and to choose the illustrations that would best fit this vision. The graphic use of clouds gives away the idea of movement and illustrates the data flows that we process in our systems. The clouds represent an evolving activity, with a change of colours to fit our statutory role in the ecosystem.

Marie Bonnefous, Communication Manager

About Gireve

By combining market place technology, transaction processing and data management, Gireve is the first B2B digital platform for EV Charging with the greatest charging point coverage in Europe. For 10 years, Gireve has been the essential partner of B2B players in the EV charging field. The company provides tools for negotiation and secured exchanges independently, following transparent rules and regulations.

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