CharIN event November 2022 for PKI interoperability

Gireve joins CharIN association for the rollout of EV infrastructure

Gireve is now a core member of the Charging Interface Initiative e.V. Association (CharIN) to support the development of EV charging infrastructure at a large scale.

CharIN e.V. is an association gathering members from the whole value chain of EV Charging. The mission of the association is to support and promote CCS and MCS systems, but also to accelerate the evolution of related charging standards such as ISO 15-118 and Plug & Charge.

CharIN welcomed Gireve as a member of the association to collaborate in the field of Plug & Charge (PnC). Gireve is the leading digital platform for e-mobility offering consulting, data, roaming services with Plug & Charge and smart charging features.

“We are eager to work further with CharIN. They are a key neutral body in the industry, and we share their objective: building a fair and robust market to enable a lasting and massive development of Plug & Charge.”

Margaux Vandeville, Plug and Charge Director

Gireve and CharIN have already been working hand in hand on several projects. Among their common projects, they presented a successful Plug & Charge demonstration at the end of November 2022. We provided the ecosystem services for certificate exchange and signing in CharIN’s V2G PKI test.

More on CharIN association

Under the CharIN (Charging Interface Initiative e. V.) umbrella, cross-industry stakeholders continue moving towards interoperable charging. Vehicles, chargers, and software systems work together and to make the user experience reliable, easy and smooth.

CharIN´s international community is comprised of leading global companies representing every link to the e-mobility value chain and multiple experts. They have been working together as a team to drive the requirements of charging all kinds of electric vehicles.

CharIN´s next goal is to define requirements for the certification of CCS based products.

CharIN is a non-profit organization and open to any company worldwide being involved in the business around e-mobility.

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