German Network Chargeit Expands Its Charging Services

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Paris-Kitzingen, 17th December 2019 – The German provider of electrical charging services chargeIT mobility GmbH got connected to the roaming platform GIREVE, opening its network of charging points to GIREVE’s e-Mobility Service Provider partners.

GIREVE and chargeIT combine their strengths to improve charging experience for EV drivers and make it easier to travel with an electric car. Thanks to this partnership, EV drivers will be able to access chargeIT’s network by any means of payment. The Charge Point Operator has a network of around 2,000 charging points across Germany and France now open to roaming through the platform.

“We are very happy to be connected to GIREVE’s platform to expand our network even further with new partners and to foster e-mobility in Europe.” Sebastian Bachmann, CEO of chargeIT mobility

For e-car drivers, this service further enhances the simple and uncomplicated charging process and simplifies the cross-border charging process. This technical solution represents the interface between the charging infrastructure operators and the EMPs and thus offers users access to a large number of charging points.

To chargeIT´s viewpoint, EV drivers should be able to charge their EVs everywhere, easily and reliably, from 100% renewable energies. To make it possible, chargeIT deals with all stakeholders and connects these worlds. The operator’s connection to GIREVE’s roaming platform follows this objective. Any eMSP can now partner with chargeIT through GIREVE and give their EV drivers access to chargeIT’s network.

 “Massive EV adoption can only happen if charging is no longer seen as an issue, and we strongly believe that e-mobility service packages and roaming will be required by EV drivers. With that view, we are happy to team up with chargeIT to make this change real.” Bruno Lebrun, CEO of GIREVE

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